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-- Any -- local deity/ spirit, owner of the ground, god the the locality, potecting spirit, like sa bdag local deity, monster, naga, lord of the soil, king, nobleman, local spirits, lords of the soil, protective deities of places and of the earth Local deity. A powerful spirit of the region local guardians local spirits; master of locality; local spirit; local protective deities; genius loci, Local deity, local divinity. local spirit, owner of the ground, god the locality, protecting spirit. genius loci, local spirits master of locality; local spirit/ elemental [2420] ཡུལ་ལྷ་གཞི་བདག་སྟེ་ས་བདག་ལྟ་བུ། ... ཡུལ་ལྷ་གཞི་བདག་སྟེ་ས་བདག་ལྟ་བུ།