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The class of quantifiers includes a variety of related sub-categories which all concern the specification of the quantity. This class includes words like:

  • གང་ག་ “All”
  • གཉིས་ཀ་ “Both”
  • ཁ་ཤས་ “Some”
  • ཉུང་ཉུང “A few”
  • མང་པོ་ “Many”

Quantifiers also include particles such as:

  • ཙམ་ “Merely”
  • ཁོ་ན་ “Only” or “exclusively”
  • གཅིག་པོ་ “Only” or “alone”

Finally, quantifiers also include interrogative determiners such as:

  • སུ་ “Who”
  • ག་གི་ “Which”
  • ག་ཚོད་ “How many”

Quantifiers always follow the numeral, but may either precede or follow the demonstrative.

  • Quantifiers (English, Latin script, Original)
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