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Downtown Mall has 5 subordinate places. You can browse those subordinate places as well as its superordinate places with the tree below. See the summary tab if you instead prefer to view only its immediately subordinate places grouped together in useful ways, as well as places non-hierarchically related to it.

Downtown Mall has 6 other places directly related to it, which are presented here. See the relationships tab if you instead prefer to browse all subordinate and superordinate places forLhasa.

Places Related to Downtown Mall

Downtown Mall is part of (1):
  • City (county equivalent) (1)
    • Charlottesville
Downtown Mall has as a part (3):
  • Commercial Buildings (1)
    • Historic Downtown
  • theater (1)
    • Paramount Theater
  • Cultural Region (3)
    • Historic Downtown
    • Market Street
    • Vinegar Hill